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Do your kids have too much energy?

Then why not give them something fun to do? Ketsu-Ka Karate offers children of all ages a way to learn discipline, respect, focus and skills that will help them in the real world and at school.


Martial arts can also offer an outlet for your children and help them to not only relieve stress, but also make new friends.

Perfect for your child

If you have a child aged 4 to 18, they are eligible to attend our classes. Our traditional children's class runs from ages 4 to 7. Ages 8 and up can attend our regular classes. Call us today for more information.

Teach your children the value of competition

The real world can be a tough place. Teaching your children how to compete and succeed on their own merits can improve their self-esteem and prepare them for a life beyond school. We participate in local tournaments throughout New England that will allow your children to compete with other kids within their age and skill level.

Since 1982, we have been teaching children the values and discipline that Ketsu-Ka Karate requires.

Want to enroll your children? Give us a call and give your children a head start.


Develop self-control

We want to impart important life lessons to your children that there is no greater value than self-control. We will teach your kids that martial arts isn't about beating people up, it's about protecting yourself when necessary, but it also teaches respect for others and good citizenship.

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