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Protect yourself and your loved ones

Even if you live in a safe neighborhood, there is always a possibility that you might run into a physical altercation with another person. Don't be a victim, be prepared. We can teach you the skills necessary to defend yourself and your family.


No prior skills or knowledge of martial arts is necessary. We will work with you at your own pace to develop the skills that you need.

Woman's street survival

We offer a women's street survival seminar that lasts 6 weeks. We will teach you how to protect yourself against multiple attackers and how to defend against someone who is stronger. We will also demonstrate anti-mugging and anti-rape tips.

Stay safe at all ages

Over the last 33 years we have taught many people the value of self-defense. People aged from 15 to 80 have gained confidence and the skills to defend themselves, should a situation arise. Sign up for classes today.

Have fun and learn invaluable skills at Varasconi School of Self Defense.

If you have questions about our program, we are just a phone call away.


Grow and develop confidence

Protection isn't the only benefit of self-defense. During one of our courses you will also develop confidence, increased physical fitness and focus. Stop by and see us today!

Danger strikes when you least expect it. Shouldn't you be ready to face it?