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What is Hamzy's Ketsu-Ka Karate?

Ketsu-Ka Karate is a unique blend of 5 different martial arts styles including Karate, Jujitsu, Aikido, Savate and Judo. It was specially designed to provide you with the best self-defense techniques available. It was developed by Mr. Harry Hamzy, a native of Lebanon. For over 30 years he traveled the world to learn from a variety of martial arts masters. In his lifetime, he had mastered over 15 different styles and used his knowledge to perfect the form of Ketsu-Ka Karate.


You won't be able to find this style anywhere else. Begin your journey today.

Develop practical skills

You won't find fancy sword or nunchuck demonstrations here. We believe in only teaching you skills that you would need to use in the real world.

Engage in healthy competition

In each of our training sessions we offer friendly sparring competitions. You will work out with people of your own level and, at the same time, learn the skills needed to protect yourself. We also participate in local tournaments where you can test your skills against new opponents versed in a variety of styles.

Learn a unique form of martial art that you won't find anywhere else; visit Varasconi School of Self Defense.

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The perfect way to stay in shape

Ketsu-Ka Karate also gives you the perfect opportunity to stay in shape and increase your overall health. Practicing martial arts can also increase your overall strength and cardiovascular health. Give us a call and sign up for classes today.

Stay fit, stay active and stay prepared.